Thursday, December 27, 2012


Hey guyssss

So what's up? :D

I try to summarize as much as possible, the things I have done for as much as I can remember.

So firstly, the film I am in, Jack Neo's latest film, "Ah Boys To Men" has become the highest-grossing Singapore film of all time. Dec 17th, it earned $6.03 million, beating the 14-year-old office record previously held by "Money No Enough (1998)", which took in $6.02 million.

Now its showcasing in Malaysia, and I must say, its a good feeling to see the poster there, when I was working in Malaysia for an event. Honoured.

"Ah Boys To Men 2" is gonna be out in cinemas on February 1st, 2013 and its gonna bigger and better :) Tosh did a new song, recorded and enjoyed it. This time got my singing, muahaha!

So the the world didn't end. So what? We are going to die anytime. It next year, next month, next, day, next minute, next hour, right after you read this post, or even when you're reading now. People take note on the possible death dates. But people should take note, that you guys are actually living now. You guys are appointed on this Earth, on a quest, a journey. Take it, live to the fullest. Make more fuss about living then rather dying.

2012 is coming to an end. I always have this one new year resolution that shall never be accomplished and by default brought forward to the following year... which is gaining weight. Its really hard, believe or not. This is due to high metabolism. Oh well, skinny is also a good thing. Skinny is small. And good things come in small packages. :)

It has been a hectic year indeed. Was in ITE, stopped for a movie. Became more serious in Youtubing. made more friends. Always grabbing any opportunities and not feel shy. So many things. It started of shaky, and ended with fireworks. That's my year. There are some shits here and there, but I don't wanna bother. What happened, happened.

Talking about grabbing opportunities, this is another competition I joined.

Try try la hor! :D

Here is my entry :D

You guys can also join too if you think you got the X-factor, many talents, and blah blah blah! Don't be shy, and shine bright like a diamond~~

If you'd like to submit your entry for this competition, you can visit Rediffusion's official website here:
Or check out their Facebook page at:

So yea... last but not least, I love all my ridhwannabes :D

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Everyday Normal Guy

I took awhile to decide what to blog. I can't decide whether I want to be really personal and detailed, or try post something indirect and general, or something random and not related.

Let's see.

Firstly, can I am an everyday normal guy. (Watch this video haha, random!)

That's it. And when I get such attentions from my fans now, I am still not used to it. I am utterly touched by my fans. They really put effort to know about your whereabouts  support you in every single thing even in the little things. As much as I say my fans are my friends, its hard. I try my best to reply my tweets and stuffs but its too many. Maybe not as many as my popular friends, but its just too much. People look up to you. A reply, or just waving to them means a lot to them.

At times, I feel I don't deserve all this. Yes. That's right. Because I know where I am from. And I still know where I am. I am climbing up the social ladder, feeling the fame, but deep inside, I know who I really am. Honestly, I am not that impressive. All I wanted was do what I love, and try love what I do. I started with singing, and now acting. I wanna go up with these passion I am fighting for, but when I go up higher in terms of "fame" and all, it's scary.  Its like climbing a ladder and you're acrophobic (fear of heights) You don't wanna go even higher, neither, it getting down is easy. It's just not easy. However, I appreciate all the stuffs you guys have done for me. Really. It's not in the hot chicks I get (which I don't) nor the number of people I know on my social network. It's nice, when a guy walks up to you, and say "nice acting, really like it", than rather a hot babe come up to you and starting to go sleazy. I do this for passion, and for an income to support my family and me.

Secondly, love is just tiring. Am I too young to talk about it? Chainsaw that crap. So far, I felt loved once, and it was 2 years ago. Wasn't a proper relationship, but it was the most proper among all those high school crushes. And I swear, love is one thing, and holding a relationship is another. Cause love can't feed your meals and give you shelter. Gotta earn some money. Yes, Aladdin has a magic carpet, a cool monkey and a genie in a lamp. We do not have such stuffs. So work/study hard, cause girls need a stable man. For now, its now wrong to feel, but I swear, its hard to hold on to a relationship at such an age. Another thing is, love between family and friends is the love you should  be fighting for now. And that love is not easy to win though. And remember this; yes its true that when you see which one comes first, its family, friends then girlfriend. But in actual fact, you gotta prioritize depending on the situation. Cause at the end of it, there should be equality.

And that goes to my next random topic, time. Prioritize the right thing. I am indeed having a hard time balancing all my stuffs in life. But once again, chainsaw that. Because I live with no regrets, and enjoy every moment as it is. Things happen for a reason. Live like its your last. I wanna do so many things. Everything isn't chaotic, but its just not smooth. However, I guess that's life. Its like the ocean, it will never settle without any waves. That what makes it beautiful.

Tomorrow I will be flying off to KL, for an stage managing post. Maybe I'll just tweet, maybe not I don't know. Will be back on the 24th. Today is 12.12.12. My parents wedding anniversary. Cheers to that. More videos to come. And yea. Another year is coming to an end. And maybe the world is coming to an end too. Whatever it is, I wanna say I love my family a lot. I love my friends a lot. And I love everyone of you who believe in me. To some, I am perfect, to some I am so not. But to me, I am just an everyday normal guy.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Buing buing! #ridhwannabes

A drawing by one of my fans


I had a blog once. But I deleted it. It was 2 years ago. And it was when I broke up with my ex-girlfriend. It was a stupid decision. Now let's not start with a sad note.

Exactly right at this point; with my life full of stuffs going on, I am definitely gonna start blogging now. Feeling a little lost while setting up this blog. I swear, this ain't the final look. I am not so sure how often am I able to update this blog, but I will not let this blog die, or kill it like how I did with the last one. There so many things going on now. Some are big, some are small, some are bad, and some are good. At this point of my life, at 19 years old, is an age where this boy is hungry. Hungry for opportunities. Passionate in almost anything. At this point is a crucial point in my life. Its where I shall turn from a boy into a man. A man I will be, for the rest of my life. Some decisions I make now, are really important decisions, and its up to me to decide on it.

Its December already. Based on experience, December is always the saddest month. Always. I will definitely encounter the saddest events. Nevertheless, shall paddle it through cause life goes on. If you are afraid to fall, that means you just missed an opportunity to learn how to get up from a fall. Its good to fall, its good to make mistakes. And its good to cry. Things happen for a reason. It can't be possibly "good" every time.

I bet you guys might be thinking this chump acts like he is some kind of wise guy, with all his quotes and all. I always call myself a a fool. I may not know know a lot. But I have been through quite much, and quite a lot of people within my years on earth. So if you wanna buy it, I can dig it. Cause I am just sharing, and I ain't caring what you're thinking.

As the year comes to an end.. I shall cherish all the moments I had. 2012; was a good year. It could have been better, but its good. First half of the year, was busy with school. ITE wasn't bad at all. Thankful for all the teachings and the friends I have made. Had to postpone my studies, as was offered an opportunity to be in a movie. Most Singaporeans may say I did a stupid and wrong decision, for quitting school and do a movie. However, I know what I am doing. I was happy with my decision. "Ah Boys To Men"; obviously not only a milestone for this year, but for life.

Like come on, it's Jack Neo. It's Steven Spielberg of Singapore. And the thing is, I wasn't even suppose to be auditioning. Waited for my friend outside Jack's office, and my friend called me in to get a form as well. Did it for fun, and BAM! Got it.

Acting isn't easy. Being "well known" is tougher. The higher you climb, the scarier it is. Don't wanna fall down. And not let fame gets in your head. Cause it will just turn you into a monster.

Another thing that I gotta admit, made this year complete, was the friends I made. And I am referring to this bunch of awesome individuals who are called "Singapore Youtubers". They are hundreds of Youtubers in Singapore. However, this group attracted me, with not only their awesome effort in producing videos, but how these friends became family. And I was welcomed and embraced in it. You guys know who you are. #SGYT

I don't want to bore with a a lot of writing. I swear, when I write, it can go on and on and on. Furthermore, there's so many things happening in my life. Thank you guys if you have read my first post. I will post regularly, maybe once a week or so. See how it goes.

P.S - If anyone knows how I can improve my blog, tweet me, cause this is not the standard. LOL.

I Love To Sing, I Sing To Love.