Saturday, October 5, 2013



I have been reflecting time and time again about. Stoning for hours, and even days. Literally stoning, not even a small movement made while doing so. Not even a glimpse on the watch nor on the phone. Seeing how day became night and eventually becomes day again.
Realisation seem to show a bit of complacency, but to reach this mark its not what many have reached.

I must admit, I am lacking in it. The lack of responsibility, not just in work, but in my social norms. What I should be doing or shouldn't do? What I should or should not say?

Yes, one of my policy is plain honesty. But it has boundaries that should be taken seriously. Not just words, but gestures too.

I now can understand how people who don't seem to get satisfied with my atrocious ways of doing stuffs, but I myself, is just the same; human.

These 3 are the main points. That is killing me. I am the designer of my own catastrophe.
Its like a snowball, everything links up. Everything is equally killing you, affecting you and important to you. Like I say, though realisation of flaws don't do shit, some cant even accomplish that step. Now, I am trying my best, to avoid practising these flaws. Problems can't have solutions of the time, but they can be controlled. Taking control. Making decisions. Making time.

This blogpost could have been more detailed, but for now, I shouldn't try to say the wrong stuffs, the unnecessary stuffs, the stuffs that just wouldn't make the points clear. So #ridhwannabes , flaws that you know can be changed, change it.

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  1. hey. I know you've been through lots of up and downs but I just want you to remember how you've put smiles on others faces . I still remember you sang your heart out at evergreen primary . The best thing is your passion brings smiles to not only you but others too . My point is , do things that makes you happy most . Sing . Dance . Entertain . Being you will definitely bring you to someone who cares and accepts every single flaw of yours . Stay happy (: