Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What The Hack

So most of you guys know, recently, I got all my accounts hacked on the 5th of November.

My Hotmail, Gmail, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Blog... I had lost access to it.

Anonymous SG had hacked my accounts, to show their power, and defacing my Facebook and Twitter, giving the the haters what the have always wanted.

It was a feast for these sadistic people, as they claimed that I deserve to be hacked.

I deserve such treatment? I deserve to be insulted like that? That satisfy you to see I had lost one of my strongest assets, my social media?

So these supporters of these hackers, claimed that I deserve it after I had raised my opinions.

My opinions were not respected by the hackers and their supporters even though they claim to let everyone, the netizens their own rights. I couldn't understand why some haters see me as a "small fry" and a "small actor in a Local movie" but possibly seen as a threat to this unknown group which claims to make a positive change in the netizens life, furthermore, changing the whole economy of the nation.

I am not being rebellious. But what made me had to give a say on this issue is, how kids do not understand things, and give a 100% support. I know who I was facing. I laid my social media on the line. Potentially, my a very huge part of my life, just to try a had my opinions be spread across. I see how kids saying; "Hope they hack my school system and raise my GPA" and how with one snap, Singapore has failed to show one of the 5 important defenses to maintain the prosperity of Singapore.. which is Psychological defense. All these youths, think that I don't know what I am saying, when they are pissing me off of what they are saying.

I must admit, even though we are living in one of the richest countries in the world, it is pretty hard to survive here. But the Government has helped us a lot. We have made this small island into a prestigious metropolitan, that other nations look up to. Just treat the Government like your parents, how they make your teenage life tough, with the restrictions and expectations they have. But they know best. They are humans. And your Mom and Dad may make mistakes, don't earn much and have to cut your allowance, or not fulfill their promise to bring you to Disneyland.. but that doesn't us the right to go against them. It is wrong, morally.

On the other hand, I hate it when haters think every single news they hear about me, is a publicity stunt. Come on, how smart do you think I am? To create such video, faking an identity, going against my own country, just for more fame? You ask my friends, I don't even know how to use photoshop. I use paint. I don't know how to edit my videos. I ask for my friends help. I am a locally know Youtuber, but my videos don't come fast, cause I got too many commitments, no camera, and no Macbook or laptop. My handphone changes every month, due to my financial difficulties. I am trying my best to make more income to support my family, grow my savings, and use what I have then rather not what I don't have.

I have a lot of problems on my own, which sometimes I believe if I can't solve it, maybe telling about it a little, would make me feel better. But I don't wish to have pity nor sarcasm. Don't tell me your life suck even further. Don't tell me what I can't right on my social media. And never tell me you "used to know me", cause I don't even know you. You may remember my name when were in the same school, met less than 20 times in my whole 20 years of living me, but I know very well who knows me in detailed, have watched me grown, and still watching till today.

I believe my followers, subscribers... are people who are interested in my life, feel that my work or just my presence, have made a change in them, as much as they have made a change in me. I don't get it how people can follow or subscribe to one's social media, to get every chance to bring him or her down. How pathetic is that?

A recent Facebook post I wrote:

"I can't see the fact how people judge others so much, and so quickly. 

A judge in court may be hating his job, but doing it to feed his family.. 

but some people nowadays may have the time, to follow someone's social media, just to get every chance to bring them down.

Even the mightiest doesn't judge as much and as quickly as you humans.

With that effort, dissing and criticizing.. how about divert it to advice him or her, if you do know them well and know the situation well.. or ignore, or just maintain being the self proclaimed better person that you are. You are that perfect aren't you?

Is there a need to even correct his or her grammar? English teachers do that to pay their bills.. you? Can't comprehend it, then ignore, unless it is specifically for you.

I am tired. Not trying to explain myself. But to see this whole year, seeing how social media works for youth nowadays. Come on, I judge, I comment, but be tactful. I know what I am doing. What I have done. And most importantly, what I am gonna do. But do you guys really know if I asked you better humans the same?"

I was pleased. There were nobody trying to piss me off with some comments that I usually see in every of my posts.

I am not doing this for attention. I am doing this cause I got a freaking blog, a freaking Facebook, a freaking Twitter.. for me to write or do my own shit, like how others. And how social media are meant to be like. To express yourself. 

Don't like what I say, you think you are a friend to me, they say how a true friend would do. Wishing people what they truly deserve, is not truly what helps the world ard us in my exp. First we have no access to their thinking, motivations. I'd leave that bit to the respective powers of the universe that (i'd like to think) work independent of how we with our individual inclinations think others deserve in life. It may be more constructive to work on positive influence as a means to affect certain things that may not be right as we see them. Most of all, enjoy your day!

P.S - The Government didn't pay me to do this, it is because I have a heart and a mind. And I am not being against the Anonymous SG. But for what I did, and what they did to me ( deleting all my videos, defaming me, intruding my privacy, effecting my reputation, my opportunities, destroying me totally) do you think is fair? I have made my security tighter and the police are watching, doing their investigations. Signing off. What the hack.. I mean heck.


  1. dude you're just a fucking cocky prick correct your fucking self even Dee Kosh hates you and he doesn't even hate people that easily. Too much of a fucking ego for someone who's JUST a youtuber. Learn from Tosh or Dee Kosh how to handle fame and not drown in it like some "wannabe God"

    1. dude. you dont even know him personally. why are you judging him so quickly? .-.

  2. Wow.

    I couldn't even possibly believe such lame tactics still exist? I mean, jealous over someone's success ? Hacking is the wayy la? so lame mann. And why would he/she even did that? GO CREATE YOUR OWN GODDAMN FAME LAAAA-____-

    And you know what? you deserve all the fame and popularity cause you worked your butt out to get those fame and attention where some lunatical-moron thought is annoying! Live your life to tha fullest, yknow, i was shocked the other day, too! i thought friendly-who-love-to-do-follow-spree-Ridhwan would never be back on Twittah uh-gain! *phew* thanks God you're back :D

  3. if you cant handle the fame, dont be "famous" easy? with fame come great responsibility if u cant carry your self well. then expect "haters" "jealous" people or so you call it. its life. get over it. You tried to use the Anonymous news outbreak to gain attention. well you did wat u asked for no? u attracted their attention. they insulted you like how you insulted them. if you cant handle it, dont try to be a "hero". simple as that. i liked AB2M but you just cant carry your self well.

  4. Somebody get the Anonymous to hack his blog again.

  5. Maybe, Ridhwan, sometimes best is to say something good, or don't say anything at all... That's how you don't get eaten up by the social media.

  6. Seriously can those haters just keep their mouth shut!!

  7. Haters get off Ridhwan's back ok?!If you hate him so much why the hell are you even on his blog?!Unless you are secretly his supporter.He has feelings too,leave him alone before the ridhwannabes go bitchslap you guys to China.

    1. Well we wanna see how idiotic a person can get... have to see it to believe hahaha

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  9. Stay strong ridwan azman. Thoose bitches that hack his account get out of his life and thoose people that are on this blog and doesnt like him two word "Fuck off". Ridwan azman and fans and supporters will stand by his side. Fuck off biches hackers!