Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day

So hey. Valentine's Day is happening, and be it single or attached, this day will affect you. Don't say you don't celebrate, or it doesn't affect you at all. One way or another, be little or a lot, it will.

The attached ones; stressing about how are they going impress their partner. Unknowingly have expectations for the opposite side, and thinking no matter how mainstream this is, they have to show their love.

The broken one; that are most probably in the getting over someone period, or just broke up, or just had a terrible argument when Valentine's Day is near.

And the "I don't care" when deep inside, they missed that feeling being loved and to love, or perhaps hoping to actually have that chance to indulge in it, but for now, acting like it is cool and not necessary.

As for me myself, I admit, I am tired of relationships. Or even to ask someone's number, to text someone, to date or "jio" someone. Cause the last relationship was hell. And what I got from that last relationship? Not just heartbroken, but hatred from people who do not know shit and do not deserve to know shit about my private life.

Yes, yes, you may tell me; "then who ask you to be famous?" and shit like that.

I never wanted fame. I wanted to sing. To act. Make videos. Do what I love. That is why I randomly tried my luck in Channel U's Campus Superstar, and Ah Boys To Men. To try, for fun. For example, which Chinese boy would wake up in the morning, and aims to win Vasantham Star, or an Indian boy having dreams to make it big in a Japanese reality show.

I must say, things are going well this year. Maybe it is because last year was ridiculously a terrible year, or so far, no "publicity stunts" or controversies occurred. It is not THAT stagnant, but it is good. I appreciate how life works. No downs, I won't understand the ups. We need both the ups and the downs.

I admit, I miss being in love. To be loved. But I am more tired, that rather hoping to be in that state again. Communication is important. You want that guy to try harder, give space, disappear etc. Never ever manipulate someone's feelings. You want sex, you want money, then be make it clear. Explicit intentions are better than hidden ones, that might just mislead someone. Disappoint someone, crushing them horribly, making them wish they had never met you. Don't hurt someone deep inside them. It hurts more than a slap or a punch or a knife stabbed deep in the chest.

It is fine, to be envious, but don't be bitter. I am jealous, especially when my friends have their girls, and I am alone. That pressure. It kills me a little. But having a girlfriend or a boyfriend is not just a possession. And make sure, you are strong enough to take care of yourself before taking care of others. Or at least be sure, that chosen one, that you choose to be in a relationship with, is able to grow with you. Grow together, as a team.

Compliment each other with each other's presence. If your existence in their lives ruin him or her, back off, and learn the meaning of sacrifice.

I have two relationships that I take for real. One that took a huge part of me. I am trying to not think all girls are the same. A beggar may deserve a princess more than a prince. Instability can be coped. It all matters, if all the parties are able to be sensitive, forgiving and compromise.

Sometimes, it is okay to pause things, letting time to solve everything. But sometimes, it hurts so much to be kept hanging. Sometimes, it is worth the fight, but sometimes it is better to let it go.

So I hope, whoever is celebrating Valentine's Day, not only this Friday, but in any following, expressing their love to their partner, strengthen that bond. All or nothing at all.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

No Love For Stupid People

It has been awhile since I posted anything on this blog. Its not dead. Its just that I have been busy.

Making videos have been hard for me, cause I have to squeeze it during the period I am out of camp. YES, I KNOW. You ORD already, blah blah blah. But yea, I am fine, cause I know when I am done, I will be mocking those who will have their turn. August 2015; will the time I ORD. I used to think if only time flies faster, and I can finish army soon. Used to. Not now.

You see, I am fortunate enough, to have a vocation that is not that strenuous due to my health status. Yes, I am weak, and I think you can tell from the size of my body, haha! But that doesn't mean it is easy and "lepak". Office work can be stressful. And the regimentation of the army is really a killer. However, I have understood that it is important. It is necessary. Discipline is lacking in the modern society. It is terrible to see some people behave nowadays. Now I am not gonna name any incident in particular, neither am I saying, I am the most well behaved.

Singapore is stressful, but that does not give you an excuse for your stupidity. And do not blame the system. What can you do, tell me? The best is to adapt, and work it out.

Cause all I see now in the papers and social media, are stupid people. I swear. Nothing happens in Singapore, NO WAR, NO NATURAL DISASTERS but just disasters in the upbringings of individuals.

Singapore are made of people, but I see our only source, our strength, has become a weakness. I won't say I am not proud of Singaporean. I freakin' am proud to be one. I won't say I hate the army, I appreciate it. But what I hate is these group of stupid people. They are growing. Be thankful you are alive. Be thankful you don't have cancer. Be thankful you are not suffering from poverty. Be thankful. And things won't go wrong. The worst things in life now, be thankful of them too. Use those unfortunate events as a motivation, and achieve a better tomorrow.

Another point I would like to blabber about, is Valentines' Day.

I must say, I am tired of girls. Yes, I said it. I am sorry to some of you girls, but I personally need a break from all of you.

Last year showed how a girl can bring me to the deepest depths. The hacking. The slapping. Blah blah. Ridhwan = Villian, Bad, Shit

Whatever. Tired of explaining. So I advice you guys out there, please please, think through this.

Do you guys really see marriage ahead. Is it a fling? For fun? For real? WHATEVER IT IS.. BE FREAKIN' CLEAR WITH EACH OTHER.

Communication is important. From efficient communication, it will give results. Nothing can go wrong. Both shall understand, and things won't screw up. Things won't be left hanging. Leading to a destination, a simillar one. Not nowhere.

So that's about it. Don't judge me. Don't judge others. Lepak. Shut up, watch the world burn and work it people. Be better tomorrow. Cause tomorrow ain't always coming your way for some people.