Sunday, December 8, 2013


So, Little India had a riot. I am not gonna blog about it. Go read the news.

So people start thinking it is right to make funny tweets about it. 
The nerve of some people in this generation, making a joke out of something that could jeopardize our country's security. Shame on you. Then after a while they stop. And haters saw that I coincidentally posted a cover, of Lil' Wayne's How To Love, and they think I was trying to feed on the tragic news. Really? It hurts to see, at this point, where I am trying to clean up for a pleasant ending, despite the epic journey it has been, people are so heartless. I meet a lot on strangers on the streets. Mostly families with children would be happy to see me. Wave and smile to me. #ridhwannabes , don't need to describe them. And they are not tentatively 12 year olds. Like how the haters like to say. I have seen elderly people who really admire what I do. And I am heartened with their support and enthusiasm. I just hope our society can mature. Learn. I am learning. I make mistakes. I admit, and get back up right after. Example: Why did I voice out to the AnonymousSG? They were influencing he weak minds of our youth. Breaking chaos in not just the cyber security, but also the society. Weakening Singapore's psychological system. I may not have the right words. But I am not a trained public speaker. I am just being myself, a normal teenager, who thinks such negativity has to stop. Now #SGRiot.. Lives are in danger and parody accounts feeding to get RTs and followers? Stop tackling every trend. Be a trendsetter. Not talking about me. But make something positive trend. I trend lame stuffs, I admit. But it is for entertainment. I can take a photo of a toilet bowl in my Instagram and get on popular page, so I deserve to be insulted that much? I trend, cause of #ridhwannabes . All fans, supporters, that look up to their idols would want to spread his or her name across social media. And it comes to Dee Kosh, who possibly could lose his job after he claims he tweeted something racially insensitive and gets flamed. I insulted Dee Kosh indirectly by answering an Ask.Fm question. That was bad. But I was just being straightforward. I thought it has always been like that for Dee. But Dee fought back, and sucks that he hates me. While I am saddened by the outcome. I don't like his ways. He doesn't like mine. He talked shit about me when my account was hacked. I didn't do anything back. I don't like to make enemies. Singapore is very small. Life is very short. Even for Tzire. Ask him, how times I tried to talk things out? Who didn't want to compromise? I am not sucking up to Dee when I gave him a sincere and good tweet. I think he was not being racist. He was trying to be funny. And yea, wrong timing. Just like how my cover was blamed to feed on the #SGriot . I mean, I know how it feels. I have done a lot of mistakes. The most I think out of all the onlince personalites in Singapore. I tried to explain, admit and apologise, but haters will always be there. This. Is. Because. Of the society. They are like me and Dee Kosh. We all are in the same society. We just play different roles. But the society as an overall has to mature. Especially some of these "keyboard warriors". Stop judging. Stand in someone's shoes. Do some positivity. You see something fucked up? Then don't say it's fucked up. Don't swear it. Learn from it. If you can, advice it nicely. Do positive things, think positive thoughts, be around positive people. And yes, I know some of you think.. "Ridhwan, you are bla bla bla bla..." I mean, do you even know me that well? I am not perfect. My actions are amplified. I am known for many bad things. But at the end of the day? When you contribute to that hatred against me? Do you know how much it hurts? I am hurt. Yes haters. I am cry. What? Don't be a celebrity? You think I wanted this? I wanted to make videos. Sing. Entertain. Not this nightmare, of being judged always. Make friends, earn enough for my family, and always have something for those who believe in me. Hate never, love another. And to the hacker. I am not being ironic. You have fuck up my relationship with my ex-girlfriend. My career. My pride. My rice bowl. My life. My everything. You have receive nothing compared to what you did. To both Asyiq Bin Tahir, and Azhar Bin Tahir. I pity you. Why did you do it? For Luna? Was it worth it? Why insult the Government? Work hard. Your dad is working hard too, driving his taxi. He cares for you, fetching late at night when you have no transportation home. Think. Learn from your mistakes. I won't humiliate anymore. Waste my social media. I will just see you in court. And for your other friends who are not charged, what goes around comes around. I realised I have a lot of people I hate. I see people hate others on the Internet. And that's why I made this post. The change has to start from me. Forgive my haters. Hate never, love another. And it is okay to make mistakes, just get back up again.

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