Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Now, its been so long since I blogged. And as much as I wish I can be as detailed here, I can't. Its because many eyes are on me, and some people out there are just gonna use such details here as a point to bring me down.

But hey, I am not gonna make this blog of mine as a medium to to express just negativity. Yes, my life ain't that good. But its been better. There will always be a good side to it. With some changes, some new things coming in, new people, new tricks that I've learnt.. And, some old things that gotta go, means it just gotta
go. There is a reason why to every single thing that is happening in our lives.

Its October now, and its just 2 more months till 2014 comes to an end. And it is unpredictable when we all will die. There is a fine line between living to the fullest and following the definition of #YOLO. You have to have a balance.

And that is it. We all trying too hard to strive for the best, and at times fall into the worst, but never am grateful for the moments that we are at, the things that we already possess. Sometimes, you just need some fine tuning in you, cause you are good enough. With a little time, some people that you would realise that should stay longer and closer to you. Yes, at this point you sound self-centred but you gotta keep protect yourself. Especially when you have hurt too much and too many times.

Once again, my posts on this blog shall be as vague as it gets, as positive I can still be, and as usual I reiterate and lie to myself that I am an "immortal" and can never be destroyed, but..

Immortality: a fate worse than death.

.. Before I close this post, and if any of you wonder when will I post regularly on this blog.. well, as soon as I can get this blog prettier. I wanna do a makeover to this blog, then maybe I shall be more enticed to write more. 

I am so not okay. I thought I was gonna be better, but its just a change of points to stress about. To really of stress, it just bugs my mind. This mind seems to show an urge to always think about something. But as long as its fine, this heart is calm, I should be doing better.

Here is the recent videos I have done :)

A cover I did for "Ms Perfect" <3

And a parody that I am proud of producing :)

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