Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Who Are You?

I see so many bloggers and trust me.. so many are the same! They model for blogshops, take elegant OOTDs on Instagram daily, showing off their "classy" lifestyle and pretty looking food, showing off their wide range of different outfits, has around 10k -  20k followers on Instagram, their captions are made by some cliché positive quote... Blogging is to express and record important details in your life, and share your opinions based on the things you've learned personally. But some seem to not have a real life to begin with.

Yes, most of the bloggers are female, and mostly; the guys that blog, aren't straight. Not me, I love girls too much hahah! I am just a loud person, pouring my mind out on random nights, having opinions on almost anything. And I just had to express my thoughts cause I see hundreds of bloggers, trying to copy each other, and they do not have a good flair in writing, nor do they seem to have a personality that is uniquely likeable.. And everyone is just trying to fit in, than rather create an identity that is authentic and lasting.

Why I am here too is because I told myself, I need to tweet lesser, cause people find it annoying and may unfollow.. so I am here, just writing shit. And honestly, only a handful of bloggers, that can make me really say; "hey you blog well" or "you are a good blogger".

Once again, I am a not a blogger. I am just a dude writing crap on a blog, which I don't think many would read. But I must say, this shit I am writing, aren't as bad as some blogposts by some people that have the audacity to label themselves bloggers. And don't judge my writing :(

Pardon the Klaus GIFS #TheOriginals #FanBoy

It took me awhile, to accept the word "Youtuber" towards myself. Even though I do appear on various videos frequently. Cause doesn't mean you have an account, you made maybe one or two videos in your life, that maybe hit a big amount of views, you are considered as a Youtuber. Thus it goes the same way in blogging.

This goes to another point of mine which is, being real. You see, from social media is how people know what you do in your life. And followers show how many are interested in that life of yours. But it is sad, when you have to fake a good life, and everything seems to be the materialistic things that you possess, that makes up your life.

I am not referring to any fashion enthusiast or those who really are passionate in food photography.. I am referring to those who do it just to follow someone, when they do not knkw they are truly.

Without those pretty stuffs.. you are..

Yes, you have to show a good side of your life, but life has both sides. Your good side is a fake one, your bad side you are ashamed of. Then you are losing both sides of life. You are just not living life the way its suppose to be.

My mother used to say "why take Vines/covers in our house, our house so messy, not so nice!". But hey, do I need to stay in a condo, or a mansion since I am well-known? No. I am proud of my home. I am not even afraid of unglam photos of myself. You gotta be confident. That is way better than trying hard to take a good selfie everyday, with your classy outfit, and faking a positively inspiring caption, especially when deep inside, you are not really living life to the fullest.

2015, shall be another year in my life. Another chance for me to discover myself, cause as much as you think you know yourself, there is something you may not know about you. So be you. Be confident. Take a leap, and be real to yourself when all these people are looking up to you. Its the best you could do, not only for them, but for yourself especially.

To end it off, do comment under the blogpost, and suggest to me.. what you want me to write about next time. I tweet, but I try not to annoy people who follow if I would answer every single question. I answer questions on too, mostly the ones that I feel like answering haha! And lastly I can also be here, sharing a lengthy opinion based on my perspective. My blogpost is not trying to shoot anyone alrights? Haha! So be real ;)


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