Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Blogged Again

Today, I am gonna write because I just realised... I have a blog.

My last post was ages ago. I read all my old posts, the way I write, my terrible sentence structures, my immature thoughts... I cringe but yet acceptive of how much I have grown.

I mean, I started being under the limelight since 2009. I wasn't that known, but it was already huge enough for me to see my scrawny little self appearing on TV, and competing in a singing competition that wasn't my language.

I wasn't even sure that I could act and ended up in 2 movies. And now.. I found myself on YouTube. And things are going pretty well, and I think I wanna do this for long.

I mean, in YouTube, I can direct, I can script, perform, market, edit.. blah blah blah... and I am doing it with my friends that I can imagine being with for the rest of my life.

Fame, can die off. Have you heard of "has beens". Stars easily die. New stars, that are much prettier and talented shall come by. Singapore has talents.. local idols are well supported.

Evidently, during YouTube FanFest recently, I could see there are even amount of fans for the local stars and for the international ones. The common saying where people say; they are nothing compared to those who do world tour, and are in Hollywood. 

Not only doctors and lawyers earn much money.

I hope there would be lesser people having hatred. I hate. But I hate to compete. I hate myself so much for doing stupid stuffs in the past. But I know I am so much better. Cause I never knew I could walk on the red carpet once again this year. I never knew I would still be around. And I am planning to stick around, and work harder. So I can smile again, to those people who gave up on me, thinking that I am left behind.. well I won't. Now that's the way I handle my hatred... I hate "me" and beat that "me" I was yesterday.

P.S - hope that I will blog again, tell me if you do read, then maybe I would write more. Pardon my English, I no good one in the writing laaa.

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  1. Hi Ridhwan! I've known of you since the first ABTM movie, I enjoy your YT videos but I've only recently found your blog a month ago, and I've read ALL your posts from the past. It didn't change my view of who you are as a person though. Just would like you to know that I really enjoy reading your blog, so keep writing! You don't have perfect English, you don't have a perfect, mind-blowing design, but so what? Your golden heart is what matters. Keep doing what you do because you put smiles a lot on faces, including mine, all the way from Brunei! x