Thursday, June 25, 2015

My Insecurities

I have pimples and acne scars. It may seem like I am so confident about how I look, especially on how narcissistic I may appear like with my selfies everyday on my Instagram. However, my appearance.. it's one of my many insecurities that I have. And like most guys out there would say if they are asked to do something with their face or looks, they will say around this line

 "Where got time?"

They ask a few questions, to ask about where exactly are my worries about my face, and they took down details to match on which treatment matches me and which problem shall be focused on. I had this lepak corner, they served me nice cute portion of yogurt and a glass of refreshing fruit punch.

It was around 2 hours. I dozed off a little while they were massaging my face, and Jianhao told me I was snoring. (his bed was next to mine) That was how relaxing it was. And I came out feeling refresh. 

But that should not be the case. First impressions are important. You gotta look your best. Be it if you wanna find a partner or be single for the rest of your life. When you meet people, during interviews or events, you must look presentable. It's way of showing respect. And the face is where it draws most attention from, during interactions.

So thankfully, my beloved bestfriend; Jianhao, recommended me Bellazza Aesthetics.

Bellezza Aesthetics is a place that provides beauty treatments for face, eyes and body.

According to what the beautician told me, they use a lot of high technology machines and equipments to help achieve better results. 

Time to get rid of those eyes bags too, due too late night editing every day. I was welcomed with friendly faces, and they guided me through the heavenly sanctuary. I felt ready to be pampered :)

Without me noticing, as I was licking the bowl of yogurt clean, they told me it was my turn. As I got in my "sexy" robe (HAHA JOKING), I laid on the bed, with soothing music playing in the background, which totally got my mind off of everything for a while, indulging in the serenity.


No doubt, I would come back here again, and guys, go try it. Put more effort in looking good. Cause' when you feel good, with good skin, and especially with good company, life is good. Below are details on how to get there and how to book an appointment :)

Feel free to quote my name "RIDHWAN" to get your first trial (Award-winning Timeless Radiance Customized Facial worth $268) with them at only $18.

I have included their details below as well. 
100 Tanjong Pagar Road #01-100/102
Singapore 088521

Business Hours
Tues - Fri: 12pm - 9pm
Sat & Sun: 10am - 6pm
Mon & PH: Closed


  1. Hey,hope u will blog more about yourself

  2. hey bro , I know how you feel , i used to have acne in the past but ive gotten it under control :) i have something that can help you not only with acne but also with your scar recovery :) , hit me up to know more :) @91822877