Thursday, December 27, 2012


Hey guyssss

So what's up? :D

I try to summarize as much as possible, the things I have done for as much as I can remember.

So firstly, the film I am in, Jack Neo's latest film, "Ah Boys To Men" has become the highest-grossing Singapore film of all time. Dec 17th, it earned $6.03 million, beating the 14-year-old office record previously held by "Money No Enough (1998)", which took in $6.02 million.

Now its showcasing in Malaysia, and I must say, its a good feeling to see the poster there, when I was working in Malaysia for an event. Honoured.

"Ah Boys To Men 2" is gonna be out in cinemas on February 1st, 2013 and its gonna bigger and better :) Tosh did a new song, recorded and enjoyed it. This time got my singing, muahaha!

So the the world didn't end. So what? We are going to die anytime. It next year, next month, next, day, next minute, next hour, right after you read this post, or even when you're reading now. People take note on the possible death dates. But people should take note, that you guys are actually living now. You guys are appointed on this Earth, on a quest, a journey. Take it, live to the fullest. Make more fuss about living then rather dying.

2012 is coming to an end. I always have this one new year resolution that shall never be accomplished and by default brought forward to the following year... which is gaining weight. Its really hard, believe or not. This is due to high metabolism. Oh well, skinny is also a good thing. Skinny is small. And good things come in small packages. :)

It has been a hectic year indeed. Was in ITE, stopped for a movie. Became more serious in Youtubing. made more friends. Always grabbing any opportunities and not feel shy. So many things. It started of shaky, and ended with fireworks. That's my year. There are some shits here and there, but I don't wanna bother. What happened, happened.

Talking about grabbing opportunities, this is another competition I joined.

Try try la hor! :D

Here is my entry :D

You guys can also join too if you think you got the X-factor, many talents, and blah blah blah! Don't be shy, and shine bright like a diamond~~

If you'd like to submit your entry for this competition, you can visit Rediffusion's official website here:
Or check out their Facebook page at:

So yea... last but not least, I love all my ridhwannabes :D

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