Monday, January 21, 2013

Mind Me

I know its been so long since my last blog post. My blog is ugly, and I wish I have the skills to make it nicer. And I don't have the time, so if you're here, thanks :)

Let's see, latest updates.

Ah Boys To Men 2 is coming in a few days time. Can't wait for the Gala Premiere. Can't wait for the music videos. And #ridhwannabes tees are out, so tweet @ridhwannabes to get them :) And yea, thanks for the support.

So, I don't really know what to write, but I shall just post whats on my mind.

Girls. I must say, they deserve more. More respect. More love. More attention.

Girls at night.. was walking at night.. and the last thing I wanna see was not the situation which I was about to meet. It is just an awful sight to see an old man; be it an Ang Moh or local, to be with a seductive, sweet-looking young lady around my age, at such a time in the middle of the night. That girl could be your daughter dude. It is obvious that its a dodgy situation, and the girl is just trying to get some money, so call a prostitute. However, I can't bear to see such a beautiful lady go to waste. Just because you're in a foreign country, you can't get a proper job and you're emotionally unstable, don't just choose such a terrible route to take. I could see it in her face, her eyes. I just feel sad at that point. But then again they always say, it is pointless to feel pity for a prostitute. I do feel like punching that fag who takes advantage of these women who are at the weakest point. Some prostitutes chose the route to get money from the easiest way, and they love it. But some, just wish they had other routes to consider then rather be a slave to these incorrigible men.

Girls in silence.. Guys can't read minds, and know that. Sometimes, I am plainly just too busy. Or I can't just keep spamming and trying to chat when there isn't any content. Yes, I don't mind talking, knowing every single detail, and chat. And for me personally, I prefer talking on the phone than rather texting. But at times, do you even want to be texted? Called? You being not being interested or playing the "hard-to-get game" is kinda hard to comprehend. Just say it. I prefer girls to be direct. Not too direct, but just not make things so difficult. Problems do occur, and shall be solved. But what if it isn't a problem at the first place. You can always say stuffs like, "let's take things slow, and I'm not saying no" or "have you lost your interest in me, you don't seem interested as before". That's real cool. I don't know. That's my opinion, hearing from the guy who had only one girlfriend. But I just hate the complications. Things should be clear and easy. That's why my interest in someone new would not be as much as time goes by. You're more afraid to lose. Lose time, lose pride. I use to say, that I can serenade her, write her poems, and run miles for her. But now, it takes a whole lot more for the girl to prove to me, for that past me to come back again. For now, I swear there's no one in particular I am interested at. So just date some, make some friends, and just don't give a chainsaw about anything.

Girls. Ladies. Sisters. Wives. Mothers. Without them, we're nothing. Fan-girls. I freaking hate people who look down on fan-girls. You may say that you won't do such a thing, to such an extent for idols, but never insult them. Even listening to their idols name being mentioned in the daily lives, can make their adrenaline rush like they had drugs. They feel like their lives complete when you just smile at them from afar. They know they can't possibly marry their idols, but for their idols to know their existence is just more than enough. They gofrom point A, to point B, to even point Z, to just be around you and see you. Your existence means alot to them, at least acknowledge them and not tease them. I may not have millions of fans, but one fan is more than enough for me. And that is my electronic ceiling fan when I sleep. I am not good looking nor my acting/singing is that good. But to those appreciate my work, I really am thankful. I climbed from the gutter, earning much from doing what I love. In my mind I am a fisherman. I love the sight of the sea. If I have a big catch, then I am happy for the whole day, and if not, thus I shall starve. Being a performer is not easy. And having people looking up to you isn't too. Any wrong moves, lack of discipline, can just create not just an end to your career, but a nasty mark forever in your life.Yes, I may be poor, but I pray to God that I shall not be poor of values. I know this small fame is not gonna feed me till my hair grow grey, but I just do what I love to do and enjoy every moment as it is.

Next. I have not been a good son. No matter how much I tried, I wish I can be better. I love my mom. She is a very strong lady. I wish I can be beside her all the time, but I can't. Growing up is not easy. You don't choose to keep a distance, but you just naturally do without realizing. Not because I don't love you anymore or as much as before. Only God knows how much I put you first. But need time to flap my wings and fly my own for awhile till I come back. I am sorry mom for being the reason for all the tears I have made you shed. Don't think you can even read this, cause we don't have internet access nor a computer. I won't be bad. I will make you proud. I wanna do this for the family.

So this is a random post, sharing what's in my mind. Girls; they may may screw up your mind but they sure do color your life guys. So appreciate them. I don't have a regular schedule in blogging, but I just blog when I feel like, so thanks for reading.

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