Monday, February 4, 2013


So recently, Ah Boys To Men 2 was officially released and who who have thought that in this lifetime of mine, I would walk on the red carpet for not just one, but two Gala Premiere. Its surreal indeed.

Here are some pictures.

Walking on the Red Carpet with Director Jack Neo and the cast
Surreal indeed

Performing the Recruits' Anthem

They scream, they cheer, and it just warms the heart
Stars of the night

And I realised I have accomplished to have a signature move. The boys hate it, but I love it. It this one :P Buing buing. ;)

The Boys (me with my signature pose) .. At Press Conference for Ah Boys To Men 2

All suited for the Gala Premiere for Ah Boys To Men 2

And these was from the first Gala Premiere for Ah Boys To Men.

In Number 1 Uniform, for the Gala Premiere of Ah Boys To Men 

Signature pose at our first Ah Boys To Men Autograph session at Chinatown Point

I swear, every single time I stand on stage in front of you guys during a Meet & Greet event, I cry deep inside. Deep inside, as I hear you people scream, I wonder, do I really deserve this? The effort you guys made, running from location to location, tailgating us, screaming to the top of you lungs. The more you guys put the effort, showing how much appreciated we are in your eyes, the more I want to give it back and do you guys proud. I may not reply your messages on Facebook, reply your tweets, be as big as the other stars in the sky, but know that I appreciate you all for your support.

It saddens me, as I see some people, talking to me, only when they watched how much I've grown. When all this while, I never existed to you in the past. But again, I will take every step slowly, being careful and putting layers as time goes by.

As much as I want and how much I show that I am real, lessons have taught me to not so much. But then again, not to take the facade that gradually is building into a permanent identity.

As I embrace this moment in my life, I look forward and avoid complacency. I am really hoping that I can get into a school, and avoid NS. Ya, cao geng that's right. HAHA! Firstly, cause I miss studying. Secondly, I am not ready to leave everything behind for NS. And thirdly, it will give me a chance to continue performing on the sideline. Shoutouts to every ridhwannabes out there, I won't let you down.



  1. study hard and remain humble you'll definitely make it big someday and if it doesn't work out, you can still study HAHA (:
    well just go with your passion!!! \o/
    p.s// really amused by your acting in abtm2 btw

  2. Hey! You're acting's really cute! You guys are so cute! Say hi to the dude playing Alex Ong for me :p Much love, from Malaysia.

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