Friday, May 3, 2013


Firstly, let me say, it's been so long since I blogged, and I don't feel sorry about it. HAHA! Been busy with stuffs and my Twitter is already the closest you can get to every detail of my life. However, I have realised, I am getting insensitive and impulsive in my Tweets, thus for that, I do apologise.

What recently happened you asked? Life. Just life.

And I must say, despite having days where everything gets shitty and not going right at all, I must say, I never hated my life. I never had a single intention in me to let this precious life given to me to waste. I must admit, most of the shits come from the decision I do. The things I put myself in, due to my attitude and lifestyle. But there are times, where a tornado or storm would try to knock you down, and you know you gotta to fight through it.

I came from a difficult background. It started when my parents divorced. My dad marrried our Indonesian maid, he looks down on me, violence, homeless with Mommy at a point of time where I slept at the back of my step-father's van, walking to and fro to work/tuition/school, starving everyday be it home or outside, and many more. I am not self pitying. And some of you readers might think; "So, mine life is shittier" and start bragging either they made it further than where I am now, or they just give me a clear statement that, its pointless to carry on. Honestly, I hate the second group of people.

Never hate life. You are born on Earth. Be it accidental or not, whatever. Even if there isn't a single ray of happiness that ever lighten up your days on the face of this planet, that doesn't mean its pointless. Let me say this loud & clear; fuck you and grow up.

I am not a good example, nor have I been trying to be. But when I have learnt something and its definitely the way, I not only share it, I want people to follow it. I don't much attention if it is pointless. Or at least try. Change for the better. Find the meaning in life. What gifts do you have to offer? It takes time, just don't fucking give up.

Change is inevitable, change is uncomfortable. And time, can change anything, and nothing can change time. So make use of your time, and don't be hesitant to change, cause everyone change to the person who they turly suppose to be. I am not gonna bore you with some cliche quotes and wise words which most of you may read up on the net. But this is what everything I have been through, this is what I have summarised and it is true.

Another random topic I would like to touch on, is relationship. Never let one seem superior than the other. Everyone is equal and treat others like how you want to be treated. Happiness is a choice. When couples quarrel, at least find a relevant issue to argue about. Argument is when two people have opposite opinions. But if what just create some unnecessary issue, it is just unfair to his or her partner. And try to not repeat the same mistake or argue about the same issue. Settle and grow together. And never let things hanging. Talk, nicely, and properly. And make some sense. And its okay to lose or give in. Maybe after much discussion, and you think your opinion isn't really the right one, it is okay. Apologising does not mean you are fully guilty, and it makes you more mature.

I just turned 20 on the 9th of April. And I must say, at this point of my life, its not easy. Making decisions. Being independent. Having so much opportunities. Being at the peak. I am almost a man. Maybe not in physicality. But it is in the mind. Because at this point, I will turn from a boy, into a man. The man I will be, for the rest of my life.

I am thankful for every single day, when I get to I get to see the sun, breathe this air, do what I love, run, laugh, sing, smile, dance... and it goes on and on.

I love life. Please love yours.
You can, you want, and you will. You must.


  1. your words are as beautiful man as you are. be safe much love xx