Sunday, July 7, 2013

SHINE Youth Festival

So hey guys! It's been so long since I updated my blog. And to those who just find out that I have a blog, hello  :)

I wanna share with you guys on an event that I attended with Gushcloud; which is SHINE Youth Festival opening :)

I did a video about here if you haven't seen it :)

It is an initiative done by National Youth Council, getting youths to inspire youths, filling the month of July with exciting activities and events. Partners that are involved are NUH - Dreamcatchers, Singapore Street Festival, Mascot Parade, Show Choir Academy, O' School and Singapore Management University.

From the 29th June to the 28th July, it will be packed with activities and events. And the this year's theme is #FreeYourYou which encourages youths to strive further in their respective passion, chase their dreams and make a positive change in the community. And if you watched my video, should have done your PLEDGE - #FreeYourYou ;) If you haven't, do it now! :)

At SCAPE where everybody was amazed most about was the colorful parade of mascots that was prepared. I saw Darth Vader, Mister Potato (My favorite - Favourite snack when I was in Kindergarten), Bananas in Pyjamas, many Anime characters which I am not sure of haha! There were some Cosplay celebrities who came from Japan. Once again I don't know anything about cosplay, hehe, but they look so beautiful!

After the flood of attractive mascots have done with their marching , the Guest Of Honour arrived, and gave a warm speech. And right after, the stage was taken by some awesome performers; Sam Willows and Clarence Liew. These guys' performances even made Naomi Neo went fan-girling.

For myself, I fell in love in singing eve since when I was young. Started competing since 13 and totally forget about my original ambition in Primary school, which was to be a soccer player. And when I am on stage, it feels like the first every performance but I will give my best like its my last.
Then I started making covers and explore singing in different languages. That's why I am looking forward to the Singapore Street Festival - Wow! Singing Competition. The event will be held at Bugis+ on 6th and 7th July. F.Y.I - I was a participant before a few years back, when I was trying to get more experience in competing in singing.

For more info about Singapore Street Festival..

So here are the images I managed to take ;)

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